Osteopathy with Babies and Toddlers

Osteopaths complete further training and study in order to treat babies, toddlers and children. Since their bodies are rapidly growing, Osteopaths look at any imbalances or impediments that may hinder, slow or alter growth and function development. This is not only the skeletal system (bones and muscles), it includes the organs, immune system and nervous […]

At Home with Dr Jess – Lat Pull Down

With people getting back into work at the office or still working from home, there have been more patients coming in with neck and shoulder pains. Certain stretches can help in the meantime, however for longer lasting results and prevention of pain, it is important to strengthen the muscles that are under-active. Dr Jess has made a short video […]

7 Tips for Runners

Have you recently started running or am wanting to increase your distance or pace? Have you thought about running but am too afraid of injury or pain? Our Osteopath Dr Nicola is a frequent runner who has a few tips to share: Breathing – assure that when you’re running, your shoulders are relaxed and you’re […]

How Can Osteo Help Sinusitis?

Sinusitis Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, is an inflammatory condition affecting the nose and sinuses surrounding. It is a common presentation in Australia, with risk factors including a previous common cold, seasonal allergies, structural problem in the nose, or immune system dysfunction. What are sinuses and how do they work? The sinuses are […]

The Benefits of Walking

There are lots of reasons why walking CAN be your exercise of choice! We have seen many people taking up walking as part of their daily exercise routine during isolation in this pandemic. The following three reasons list the benefits of walking and why it is a great exercise. 1) The physical, mental and social benefits Walking has been […]

Are You a Desk Worker? – Upper Back Exercises to Help Posture

Think of your posture sitting at the computer all day. What do we have to do to counteract this positioning to keep our upper body, neck and shoulders pain free and moving well? While neck stretches and foam rolling may help to stretch out certain areas that become short and tight, for longer lasting results […]

Addressing The Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Yesterday, the World Health Organisation (WHO), declared COVID-19 a pandemic.We wanted to touch base and address our community on the precautions, health and safety practices we are implementing to minimise the risks at Middle Park Osteo. Our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of patients, practitioners and staff. We ask both patients and staff to reconsider […]

Shoulder Pain & The Common Causes.

Shoulder pain is a common problem in our community, and there are many things that can cause shoulder pain. The four most common underlying causes are from: – Rotator cuff injuries: it can normally be seen with repetitive overuse and sport injuries – Glenohumeral dysfunction – “shoulder joint” where your arm bone connects with your […]

How Important Is Your Sleep?

We know that the way your body feels affects you and often with pain comes stress and poor health. Both of these things have a strong influence over the quality and quantity of your sleep.  Along with reporting an overall debt in sleep, those with both chronic pain and acute pain have trouble falling asleep and staying […]

Three Simple Tips For Being More Active At Work

Work: it’s a pretty inescapable part of adult life. And with work, for many (roughly 60% of you), comes heaps of sitting. It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle can have significant impacts on your health, from an increased likelihood of developing diabetes or other metabolic diseases, to cardiovascular disease, or mental health issues. So […]